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[ yelling] hundreds of protestors march through san francisco tonight on the first anniversary of the occupy movement. good evening i'm dan ashley. carolyn has the night off. >> they have been loud but peaceful as they move through san francisco tonight. they started in the financialal district but have now moved to justin herman plaza along the embarcadero where they first gathered a year ago. we are live tonight with what is
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happening. >> about 30 demonstrators still here tonight but they continue plan on occupying the plaza like they did last year instead they say they are concentrating on putting more pressure on the banks. one year after the start of the occupy movement occupy demonstrators are back in justin herman plaza. since being banished from the plaza, organizers say they have been quietly pressuring bank to work with people leak daniel. his monthly mortgage of 2500 dollars was reset to 5000 dollars a month and laid off opera sentencinger says the bank is unwilling to work out a payment plan. >> they are being unrealistic about the economy. if they were to help all of us the economy would turn around. this is a lot of bull coming out. >>reporter: earlier this evening a parade of more than 300 demonstrators began marching through the financial district just in time to snarl rush hour traffic. some people noticed the occupy
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demonstration had a focus message this time. >> because everything suck really big message to solve problem. >>reporter: 90 police officers stood guard at the wells fargo bank on montgomery street after demonstrators stopped and set money on fire and tear up the debt in a symbolic rebellion against the bank. an examiner is in up to for a koyvrnlts i think in some instances he might be right. >>reporter: he disagree that the economy is recovering. >> a lot of people disagree with. that they think the economy is getting better. i don't agree with that. >>reporter: why do you think it's not. >> unemployment is still over 8%. >>reporter: l san francisco police say there were no arres arrests or property damage tonight. they said they will let the demonstrators hang out as long as they don't set up any tent. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right allen thank you. >> somber vigil at uc hastings law school in san francisco
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tonight. it was in memory of am about his door christopher stevens one of 4 americans killed last week when the consulate in libya was attacked. lillian is here with what students fact you will l think to say about the ambassador tonight. hi praise indeed. >>reporter: ambassador attended haze ntion the 80's and made a lasting impression. as for the current crop of students he made an impression on them too. >> ambassador serves as shining example to all of us. >>reporter: none of the students knew ambassador christopher stevens. he graduated from uc hastings college of law in 1989. but the young men and women felt compelled to take part in a candle light vigil in his honor. >> he sat in the same classroo classroom. maybe he has the same professors and we are connected to this person. he was a great person. grit person to be connected to. >>reporter: ambassador stevens died last we can after an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. part of wave of unrest over an apartment islam film. witness accounts new
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video now indicate the ambassador was still breathing when a crowd of libya walk through the compound after the assault. carried him to a car that drove him to the hospital. stevens succumb from the injuries not listening after. the government believes he died of smoke inhalation. >> can't come to our school and answer questions and ask ask for advice. what did you do to get there. it's a tragic loss. to the hastings and the world as a whole. >>reporter: rebel over through gadhafi as part of the arab strechblingt professor diamond says he knew early on that stevens would make a difference. he says he stood out not just for his intelligence but for his compassion. >> i honestly did not think he would go and help a revolution. i didn't think. that but i thought he would make his mark on the world. >>reporter: you recollect cshing hastings dean is said stevens spirit will live on at the school serving as
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inspiration to strive for something better. >> sometimes we think about law very contentious. people argue with one another but here was someone who used the law and legal training in the best possible sense. >>reporter: dean says uc hastings is exploring the idea of having some sort of scholarship fund in his name. >> okay lillian thank jew lillian kim reporting. deadly violence tonight over the anti-islamic film that is angering muslims all around the world. afghanistan 9 people killed by suicide bomber near kabul airport. afghan militant islamic group claimed responsibility saying it was an act of revenge for the film. suicide bomber 22-year-old woman. authorities say she drove a sedan loaded with explosives into a bus believed to be carrying foreign aviation workers. classified documents are being shredded in the u.s. embassy lebanon out of concern for the growing anger because of the film. this protest in beruit was the largest of all
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since violence broke out 6 days ago. leader of hezbollah rare public appearance called the film the worst insult to islam ever and warned of repercussions to the u.s. if they don't ban the film n.southern california the family who made the mavie left their home early this morning with faces covered and carrying duffel bags. sheriff's deputy took them to 2 unmarked cars and then to secret location whether they joined who went into hiding over the wean. it depicts mohammad as womanizer and child abuser. moving on tonight. police asking the public to help identify gunman who they say robbed and attempted to rape a woman in group city. there he is. take a good lack. man business to 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 10. tattoo on the right side of his neck and distinctive hair kuchlt he attacked a woman on alvarado on september 9 at
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10:30 in the evening. she suffered minor injuries. now if you in that area at the time maybe you have just seen this man we are showing you no now, please call police medley in union city. >> concern growing tonight for bay area man missing for 5 da days. 69-year-old charles dowd of san mateo retired san francisco a fireman last seen wednesday when he boarded amtrak for chicago. he never made it. amtrak officials called the family to say conductor may have seen a disoriented man in omaha that matches his description. dowd son daughter flew to omaha and are passing out fliers there. canvassing the area hoping for clue. jennifer dowd is not confident that amtrak will find her father. >> because don't feel like amtrak police is open the ground actually physically loo looking for him. if he was disoriented and wandered off he could have fallen. he could be on the side of the tracks somewhere. >>reporter: charles dowd has
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been without his heart and bloop medicine since at least last thursday. so concern is certainly growing about his well-being. san jose lacking for new cop because of the sudden resignation today of police chief chris moore. he says his decision to leave after just 19 months on the job was his alon alone. he wasn't forced out he says but the department is facing more lay off and budget cut as the violent crime rate soars in the city. and ballot measure that would have increased police department funding will be dropped. >> if i think about all decision or factor that led into it clearly our scenario what we are facing had something to do with it. >> elephant in the room? no confidence in city hall. they won't change their way. chief did his analysis on personal basis and made his decision it's his decision i'm sorry to see him go. >> chief moore will leave the department in january following contrary of about 30 years in law enforcement. >> more to bring you tonight. coming up next. mitt romney
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new public relations problem tonight. >> it's not elegantly stated let me put it that way. >> candidate defend his comments that came out in a leaked video. >> a little bit of nerves around in the plane, yes. >> bomb scare at jfk. pilot threatens to evacuate the plane on the runway. what passengers are saying about what happened. >> why these people intend to stand in line l or sit in line until the end of the week. stay with us. news at 11:00 stay with us. news at 11:00 continues in just a moment
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>> develop news placer county tonight. emergency crew are figuring out how to rescue a base jumper from a tree 100 feet above the ground in auburn cal fire got the call before 9 tonight. authorities say the man is not hurt but uncomfortable because of a tight harness. the jumper is under the forest hill bridge which is the highest bridge in the state by the way. base jumping involves using a parachute to jump from stationary object like bridges. cal fire has called for
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helicopter with night flight capability. now to presidential politic. mitt romney dealing with new political headache tonight. video clip surface showing him telling wealthy donor that 47 percent of americans are basically government free loaders. tonight romney held impromptu news conference to try to clarify what he said and what he meant. here's karen. >> just as mitt romney campaign was hoping to hit reset button new video out tonight may complicate the message. mother jones left leaning magazine posted the clip of what they say is romney talking to do nor at fund raise they are year and talking points are very different than what voters are used to hearing from him on the trail. >> there are 47 percent of the people people 47 percent who are with him who depend on government and are victims and government has responsibility to help them and who believe they are entitled to health care to food to housing to you
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name it. entitlement. government should give it to them and they will vote for this president no matter what. >> mother jones posted the clip not the full romney remark of what they say is romney talking to do nor at fund raise they are year. >> that's what they celebrate every 4 years. so my job is not to worry about those peopl people. they should take permanent responsibility. what i have to do is convince the 5 to 10 percent or better that are independent. >>reporter: obama campaign pounced saying quote it is shocking that candidate for president of the united states would go behind closed doors and declare to group of wealthy donors that half the american people view themselves as victims. tonight romney held impromptu press conference in california to respond. >> the president believes what i describe as government centered society. it's not elegantly stated let me put it that way. i'm speaking off the cuff in response to question i'm sure could i state it more clearly and in a more effective
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way. >>reporter: abc news washington. >> now "nightline"will have more on the romney tape and his response medley following this newscast at 11:35. more developing news tonight. bomb hoax caused scare for some passengers on san francisco to new york flight today. somebody called police to say explosives were on board. both american airline flight 24 out of sfo and fin air jet both planes landed safely at jfk and tax toy far corner of the airport. one of the pilots spent several minutes arguing with the control tower over why he was being kept out of the loop. >> okay we are surrounded by emergency vehicles. there's a rope for this somebody has to give us the reason or we are going to evacuate the aircraft. you have 60 seconds. >>reporter: well the pilot did not evacuate his plane. plane taxi to the terminal once police determined there was no threat. >> kept us up to date any information that he had. that was coming n.he was giving it
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out to the passengers. plane was completely full. i couldn't see out the window. i was too far over but i guess there was a lot of commotion outside. >>reporter: airport officials say there was little delay at j fk because of what happened there today. then this developing news. 200 passengers on the way to australia are stranded now for second night at san francisco international airport. they were told to return to the airport tonight when the united air liens flight last night was cancelled but it was postponed again tonight with frustrated passengers now being told it will leaf tomorrow. united has offered passengers hotel voucher and free breakfast but keep in mine the luggage has already been checked. no word yet on what caused the cancellation but it is awfully frustrating for those travelers still stranded here. >> give people what they want and they will wait in line for days to get it. here's the proof of this people have been cuing up since last friday outside apple flag ship store in manhattan. this friday
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release of the much publicly size and anticipated i-phone 5. apple started taking web site orders for last friday and sold more than two million new i-phone in the first 24 hours. many customers won't get theirs until next month. it goes on sale in 22 more country on september 28. but at least around here it's good weather if you want to camp out for something and sandy here with the forecast. absolutely spectacular. >> indeed dan. welcome back. gorgeous weather as we check out live doppler 7 hd. right now we have cooling marine influence the natural air conditioning. it's cloudy on the coast and it is going to be spreading into the inland valley overnight hours. temperatures right now look like this. getting cool out there. 49 in santa rosa already. most other areas in the 50's. 61 degrees in antioch and here are the highlights. turning cloudy overnight. cooler than normal temperatures again coming your way for the next few days. autumn arrives on saturday at
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7:49 in the morning. today high pressure upper 50's to mid 80's at best. it was well below normal by good 8 to 10 degrees and tomorrow as we take a look at sampling of the high compare them to average you will see what is coming. almost fall like i would say for some areas. santa rosa 81 typically what you should see. only going to be 73 tomorrow. 8 degrees cooler than average. san francisco running "newsnight" degrees below where you should be. 62 for the high temperature 73 high pressure tomorrow very mild but 81 is where usual be. 6 degrees below normal for this time of year. here's the culprit. area of low pressure. spinning hear off the coast. it's no hurry to move out of here so what happens is it meander here and eventually move northward and come right back down towards northern california on sunday but as it sits here it keeps the on shore whipped flow going which is wind coming off the cool ocean water and below normal temperature will continue through most of the
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week. tomorrow morning make sure as you head out the door you grab a coat or jacket. it's cool first thing in the morning upper from is to about the mid 50's at best and cloudy skies across the entire area. make sure the little ones have a sweater or jacket as they head off to school. 5:00 o'clock once again overcast sk sky. cloud pull back. really not quite clear the coast. we go with 50's at the coast line. inland area will be in the 80's. cool coast mild inland tuesday afternoon. we look at the specific temperature for the south bay for tuesday it's beautiful under sunny skies. 75 in san jose. cupertino. 78 los gatos on the peninsula you are looking at mild readings. 71 redwood city and menlo park. upper 50's near the coast license. downtown san francisco 62 degrees. sunset district 59 and as we get up into the north bay upper 50's near the coast. really quite comfortable in sonoma. 72 degrees. 73 santa rose. east bay by afternoon 67 in oak lan land. 69 san leandro. inland
12:20 am
community you are nice and mild but nowhere near where you should be this time of year. 80 for concord. 79 danville. 81 livermore. monterey bay 62 in monterey. 59 carmel if going to the game tomorrow night as the giants play the rockies again we look at cool breezy conditions upper 50's at&t park dropping down to the mid 50's and it's going to be partly cloudy mostly cloudy 7 day forecast inland areas staying nice and mild upper 50's to low skits coast side. autumn arrives. saturday morning. yes dan. >> summer is gone. >> that's right. the temperatures will come up for the first day of autumn but only to fall too. warmest inland location sunday. >> flying tomato in hot water. stay with u
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medalist shawn white charged with public drunkenness and vandalism. this is the mug shot after being arrested in tennessee yesterday. police say white pulled a fire alarm tried to kick a man who tried
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to stop him from getting into a cab and fell and hit his head. he's in court next month. >> if the job is stressing you out it may you not it. notre dame university expert says genes are more responsible for the way we respond to stress than the stress level itself. professor judge studied 600 fraternal and identical twins. some raised together. some apart. now he found that being raised in the same environment had very little effect on stress. shared genes turned out to be about 4 times more important. explains why larry is stressed. >> i have had boss tell memos of my career it's you. they must be right. >> science proves i. >> there it is. documented. giants inching closer and closer to the division crown. crawford had a double and triple tonight and you make the call. safe or out? it's you. it's you. sports is next
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>> good evening giants open 10 game home stand tonight against colorado reducing magic number to 8. any combination of giant
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wins and donor losses mean the giants are champ. blossom valley all star monitored for winning the world series. good times. madison went 6 innings. gave up one run. send it to the gap in right center and run scores. so bottom 5 now angel in a 1-1 game. base hit to left. crew ford test the arm of andrew brown. mistake. crawford gunned down. still tied at 1. hunter pence single to it roo. sandoval green light. mcbride comes up. cut off. sandoval scores. giants on top. sergio slams the door strike out jason. former athletic end it giants win 2-1 magic number at 8. dodgers had the night off. so did the a's. 49ers look scary good. this might be a special season kind of good. ounceing in all phases of beating detroit last night. how is this for

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